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Explaining the symbol representing the Busan Cinema Center

The unique architectural shape of the Busan Cinema Center is reflected in the symbol as waves of dreams and inspirations.
The waves represent major currents that penetrate time. moving objects that cannot be expressed as one stereotypical image.
This fits perfectly with the values of the Busan Cinema Center and is expressed in a graphic motif that shows that rolling waves from the Pacific bringing to shore new dreams and inspirations.

The waves, of various color and shapes, represent the diversity of the film industry and accentuate the industry's energetic and pleasing image.
The shape of the waves, appearing to spread out and yet regroup again, delivers the idea that various values can be spread far and wide through cinema, while other values can be gathered. Moreover, through the graphic motif's intense color contracst, the aim is to increase its visual impact.

symbol, color system
The coporate color of the symbol

Whole media colors comprise the basic of the Busan Cinema Center's corporate colors.
It is a standard rule that corporate colors of the Busan Cinema Center should be presented by spot colors of by 4 primary colors but this rule can be applied flexibly depending on the character of the applied media

The subsidiary color of the symbol

It is a stadard rule that subsidiary color should be expressed in spot colors but it can be applied flexibly depending on the character of applied media