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Welcome all of you to the homepage of the BUSAN Cinema Center.

Busan Metropolitan City drives various policies to promote film • visual industry with a vision of
"Busan, a city thriving with talent, technology culture".

Busan was designated as "a Creative City of Film' by UNESCO
for the first time in Asia, actively cooperating with 17 other Cities of Film throughout the world.
With this, it has become a home to the city of film representing Asia.
The cinema center organizes touching art films, classical films,
pop films independent films as well as high quality performances
exhibition programs as the representative cultural space.

As the exclusive venue of Busan International Film Festival,
"the hub of Asian Films", symbol of Busan,
the center will never cease its efforts to become a happy culture rest with a full of touching visual arts.
Finally, we hope for your continuing interests participation.

Thank you.

CEO of Busan Cinema Center