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  • 1. Indieplus(BIFF Hill B1F)

    This is the first independent theater in Busan that shares programs with Indieplus, the exclusive theater for independent movies in Seoul, and introduces local independent flims in many different ways.

    • - Location: BIFF HILL Lower Ground Floor
    • - Number of seats: 36 seats
    • - Screen size: 7.1*3.1m
  • 2. Seminar, Editing Room(BIFF Hill 2F)

    Seminar Room

    The Cinema Education Center in Busan Cinema Center offers general and intensive courses for the individuals who want to learn about movies, culture and art, and the actual process of film making.
    2 Seminar rooms are available for academic lectures.

    Editing Room

    A space for image editing. Comprised of an AVID system room and two FINALCUT PRO system rooms, movies can be edited and various formats of input and output work can be done. The image editing education hall for training purposes is equipped with a total of 12 sets of systems for AVID and FINALCUT PRO.

    Various coursed in film ranging from the cinema and culture to the intensive level which broaden the understanding of film theories though a systematic process to allow a deep appreciation of cinematic art.
    As well as the course in film, the courses covering the winder liberal arts related to the film such as music and philosophy will be offered in order to expand the breadth and depth of various theory-based lectures.
    As well as technical practice lectures addressing the movie making process such as scenario writing, filming, lighting, sound, etc., movie-making workshop courses will also be run to help students make their own movie by learning about the entire movie production process.
    Documentary production workshop will also be opened to assist the completion of documentary work through an exploration of society through the camera lens.
    Editing Room A,B,C
    Seminar Room A, B
    Media Equipment Room A, B
    Sound Recording Room
    Digital Editing Room
    Conference Room A, B
    Multi-purpose Room A, B

    Enquiries Tel 051-742-5377 / Fax 051-742-5378 / ctp@chol.com / Jeon, in-ryong

  • 3. Film Archive(BIFF Hill 2F)

    Cinematheque Busan founded Busan Asia Film Archive in 2007, to collect and preserve films focuses on the works of Asian classics and contemporary films by recognizing the importance of Asian Film Heritage.

    The motion picture collection of Busan Asia Film Archive holds classics of Asian master directors such as Jang Chul, MasmuraYasjo, and NaruseMikio and continues to offer public access to our holdings. We also collect films from ‘New Currents’ section, the only competition section of Busan International Film Festival, Moreover, we are marking efforts to collect local documentary films of Busan region.

    Now, Busan Asia Film Archive moves to its new location at Busan Cinema Center and is able to preserve and restore films that would otherwise be lost through chemical decomposition and miss-handling. Busan Asia Film Archive will, be devoted to ensuring that the collective world heritage of motion pictures is cared for and preserved for future generations.

    Archival Film Loans

    Busan Asia Film Archive loans its archival prints on a first come, first served basis to qualified non-profit organizations, selected by their compliance with our standards. Busan Asia Film Archive adheres to archival film handling and projection policies.

    Contact Shin Sung-Eun, Archive Coordinator via email with a list of desired film titles and screening dates. We will notify you of the availability of projection print(s) or digital media. If you wish to book the print(s), you may do so by placing a formal request as outlined below.

    Please note: For the use of projection prints, borrowers are required to complete a Screening Facility
    Report; loan approval is contingent on the evaluation of the Report.

    Important rules we cannot stress enough:

    • - Print(s) may not be projected on platter systems.
    • - No cut whatsoever may be made on motion picture print(s) from Busan Asia film Archive.
    • - Any cuts or injury to print(s) will necessitate full print replacement at Borrower’s cost.
    • - Print(s) must be shipped back to Busan Asia Film Archive on the first business day immediately following the screening.
    • - Borrower pays all shipping costs, round trip, and all shipments, Contact information

    Enquiries Tel 051-780-6114 / Fax 051-742-5378 / archive@biff.kr / Shin, Sung-eun

  • 4.BIFF Organizing Committee

    BIFF Organizing Committee has overseen the BIFF ever since its first edition in 1996, putting on an annual film festival for 9 days in October that introduces domestic and foreign films to wider audience. The committee office is located at BIFF Hill in the Busan Cinema Center. During the Festival, all theaters in the Busan Cinema Center show movies, while the opening and closing ceremonies are held at the BIFF Theatre.

    Every year, about 200,000 moviegoers enjoy some 300 movies from about 70 countries from all over the world. As well as introducing Korean and world movies, BIFF is contributing to development of the movie industry in Busan and across theAsian region by running the Asian Movie Academy for cultivating Asian movie-related personnel, the Asian Movie Fund which is production support program and the Asian Film Market which is emerging as the best market of its kind is Asia.

    The festival changed its official name from PIFF to BIFF, or the BUSAN International Film Festival, in 2011 to mark the beginning of a new era with the Cinema Center at its heart.

    BIFF Hill